i5 Blade PC Module (1541041) 1541041

Frequently Asked Questions


Windows drivers for the 1541041 & 1541042 PC Module come on a CD that is provided in the box with the PC Module.

For your convenience you can download each of the drivers using the URL's below: -

http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+Audio.zip http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+BlueTooth.zip http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+Chipset.zip http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+Intel+video+drivers.zip http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+LAN+Drivers.zip http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+USB3_0-Win7-8.zip http://cdn.saharaplc.com/MT21/Drivers/1541041-42+Wlan.zip

We recommend downloading these directly from the PC Module by visiting this page and copy and pasting the URL's to another tab in the browser.

Drivers & Downloads

Sorry, there are currently no downloads available for this product.