Clevershare 2nd Generation (1541052) 1541052

As per the previous Clevershare it still enables you to control the Clevertouch Plus and Clevertouch Pro screens from anywhere in the room, without the need for wires. Simply plug the Clevershare into your laptops USB port and you can show and edit your laptops contents on the Clevertouch screen. Now with more features, including Master Switch which helps the presenter to moderate who mirrors to their device to the Clevertouch!

Frequently Asked Questions


There are two things to consider: -

  1. Do you have the new Clevershare 2 receiver app installed on your Android Module? To check this please open the Clevershare app, then open Menu and About, you should have at least v1.0.3.1393 but preferably 1.0.5.x.

  2. With this new Clevershare 2G dongle it requires both the USB (black and white stick) receiver and the dongle to plugged into USB ports that the Android Module can see. Our recommendation is to plug the USB receiver into one of the Android Module (not mainboard as per the original Clevershare) USB ports and then plug the Clevershare dongle into any of the USB ports into the bezel of the Clevertouch.

Checking both of these points will ensure pairing commences.

Drivers & Downloads

Sorry, there are currently no downloads available for this product.