Pro Series

The Pro Series is a highly versatile interactive touchscreen that can be used in a wide variety of professional settings including reception areas, hospitals, universities, meeting rooms and collaborative areas.

Despite being much more than a powerful interactive touchscreen, the Pro Series is remarkably easy to use, thanks to its amazing LUX user interface. Furthermore, it requires no set-up or calibration, has full access to the internet and can display a variety of files without the need to connect additional hardware.

Whilst collaboration and screen sharing are at the heart of the Pro Series, a variety of integrated business apps provide unequalled flexibility. With a wide selection of common-sense connectivity the Pro Series can find an invaluable role in many businesses, and provide a wonderful interactive experience for employees and customers.

The Pro Series also comes with a number of accessories to enhance the overall experience. For example, with the Clevershare wireless device you can control the Clevertouch Pro from anywhere in the room – simply plug the Clevershare into your laptop’s USB port and you can show and edit your laptop’s content on the Clevertouch screen.

The Pro Series is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and an industry leading warranty guarantees your Clevertouch will be enhancing your workspace for many years.

Now with OTA, MDM and dual module slots.

Frequently Asked Questions


When using Extended Desktop with Windows, there will be a configuration which needs to take place.

For context, the touch will immediately work with duplicate desktop mode, as the screen has been assigned to touch the primary desktop (usually set to the PC/Laptop). When selecting the extended desktop mode, Windows creates a secondary desktop, which the touch will sometimes be assigned to if the system is smart enough.

If not, usually the touch is set to the primary desktop still, which is shown on the PC. When you touch the Clevertouch to manipulate the secondary desktop, it will then manipulate the primary. Obviously, this isn't the desired outcome.

To resolve this issue, you will need to go into the Control Panel using the steps below:

  1. Open "Control Panel"*

  2. In the search bar, search for "Tablet PC Settings" and open the first option shown

  3. Press "Setup" - this will allow you to configure the touch to work with the secondary desktop.

*For Windows 10 PCs running later builds, Control Panel will be removed from the start menu - to work around this, you can search for "Control Panel" in the start menu by typing it out.

Usually, after this you will need to calibrate the screen's touch points which can be completed using the following instructions:

  1. Open "Control Panel"

  2. In the search bar, search for "Tablet PC Settings"

  3. Now press "Calibrate" on the "Tablet PC Settings" window

Go through the process of calibration. If that does not resolve the issue, please follow the below:

  1. Press "Reset" on the "Tablet PC Settings" Window

Then go through the calibration again.

If you have followed the steps above and there is still an issue present, please log a case with our support team.


Check there is power to the screen. Check the power switch is in the on position. If the LED is red, use the remote control power button to turn on the screen. Check the source equipment, such as a laptop is outputting a picture signal correctly. Check the video cable connection between screen and PC. Check the video cable is inserted in the correct socket. Try a different video cable. Try a different PC. Bypass any wall plate connections for testing.

"Freeze" is the blue button on the remote control. When using this feature it is important to just give the button a quick tap. It toggles between on and off and a slow press of the button can often make the feature switch on and then off again. A quick tap works best.

Using the remote control press the red button, to confirm that the operation has happened you will see a message on the Clevertouch telling you that it has either locked or unlocked the buttons.

Please check that the android module is fitted in the slot to the right of the screen. The module is delivered in a separate box and must be fitted during installation of the screen.

To clean the Clevertouch anti-glare glass please use a Isopropyl based spray and spray it onto a microfibre towel not directly onto the glass, this will ensure that liquid does not enter the hardware that may cause a hardware failure, see the cleaning guide that it is located in the download to the right for more information.

For the bezel please use a computer foam cleaner, again please spray this onto a micro-fibre towel not directly onto the display.

To see our more detailed guide of this, please click here to view.


Please take a look at our Clevertouch Network Requirements document, which can be found within the Drivers & Downloads section on the right of this page.

Since the September OTA update for Android Modules running v5.1, *Build number saharaedu 5.1.1 eng.iip.20170908.212017 for Plus and *Build number saharameeting 5.1.1 eng.iip20170909.095355 for Pro, iMirror is no longer be available to use as an application, although it is running in the background. Please use our new app Clevershare to remotely connect mobile devices and PCs to the Clevertouch screen.

*To confirm which Build number you are running open Settings app, then touch About.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Network requirements document, useful for IT administrators

    Clevertouch Network Requirements May 2021.pdf

  2. 802.1x testing document for the Clevertouch (Android 7+)

    802.1x testing document.pdf

  3. Clevertouch LUX Dual Slot User's Operating Manual

    Clevertouch LUX User's Operating Manual.pdf

  4. How to use the NFC card reader integrated into the pen tray

    Clevertouch - NFC Card Reader Guide.pdf

  5. Enable gesture control for Apple macOS & OS X

  6. Guide on best practice for cleaning Clevertouch Anti-glare glass

    Clevertouch screen cleaning method.pdf