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July 11, 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of the next IMPACT Lux update. This release brings the following features, functionality, improvements and changes:

  1. Improved NFC performance for local user profiles. See FAQ “Why do I need to re-enter my PIN when setting up NFC?”.
  2. Added “Lux for Enterprise” and “Lux for Education” as new Launcher types. See FAQ “How do I change my Launcher?”.
  3. Added support for pen, finger and palm in Microsoft PowerPoint. While Microsoft PowerPoint is opened on android, you will now be able to use your pen to annotate, your finger to change slides and your palm to erase.
  4. CleverCast is now supported on all user accounts.
  5. Addressed an issue with LYNX Whiteboard not supporting multiple pen types when DynaScrybe was enabled.
  6. Home and Back button will show in the floating toolbar with all options of “System Navigation”. You can still customise the floating toolbar to remove these by pressing on any of the icons.
  7. Applied latest patch from Google.
  8. Email option has been removed.
  9. Resolved an issue with Teams not having access to external cameras.
  10. Updated Swedish and Russian translation files.
  11. WiFi MAC address is now set to the same as the ethernet MAC address.
  12. WebView is set to 1080p.
  13. Addressed an issue where System Navigation would not correctly be set.
  14. Added line-out volume control from the IMPACT Lux.

The update is delivered via the Over-The-Air server. To download a copy of the full release, please click below.

June 10, 2024

We have released an update to the Clevershare server application that is installed on your Clevertouch Display.

The update is delivered via the Over-The-Air server. Please see the release notes below.

1 - Optimisation to Miracast, Airplay and Chromecast mirroring.

2 - Touch authorisation is now remembered for desktop sync.

3 - Support for CleverCast.

4 - Peer-to-peer screen sharing will be supported on Windows and Android clients (which will be released later this month).   To update Clevershare > open the app > select Menu > select About > select Update.

Change Log

April 5, 2018


Please check out the updated version of the Clevertouch Network Requirements documents, it now includes details for our new Clevershare 2nd Generation solution.

October 15, 2017


Please check out the new support content on each series of products by Clevertouch, which can be found via the Knowledge Base and Downloads & Drivers sections.

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