LYNX Whiteboard

Upgrade to LYNX Whiteboard for FREE for a faster, smoother, simpler experience.

LYNX Whiteboard has been given a complete visual and practical overhaul, resulting in an easy to use software with a sleek user interface.

LYNX Whiteboard annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom. Using LYNX Whiteboard, teachers can create imaginative lessons with content from a variety of sources. The newly designed user interface makes LYNX Whiteboard easy to use, and the upgraded back-end changes gives a faster, smoother, simpler experience.

How do I upgrade?

Visit the download site, install the Lynx Launcher and install via a simple interface.

Frequently Asked Questions


Lynx Whiteboard is free to use on any platform.

Please click here to log into your Lynx account online: here

Lynx will use the operating system installed fonts. The software also bundles a set of free to use fonts:

Google have enabled the Play Store on Chromebooks that are capable of running Android Apps.

If your Chromebook supports Lynx Whiteboard you will find it within the Google Play Store on the device.


Please launch Lynx by right clicking the Lynx icon, then select 'Run as administrator' from the list.

When Lynx opens access the registration page via the Help menu. Enter any required info, then select OK.

Now when Lynx is launched using other user logins the registration page should not load. You only need to do this process once.

If the MSI is installed via the Command Line using the MSI parameters listed in the network deployment guide then the settings will be pre-filled.

The Lynx MSI installer uses standard Microsoft parameters and can be used with Active Directory and Group Policy.

Please refer to the 'Lynx MSI help files' available from the download site

Please ensure the network firewall permits the following websites:

If when you drag on an image you only see an egg timer, this means that Lynx could not download the image from the original website. This is more than likely due to firewall restrictions.

Lynx requires the Microsoft DirectX 9 runtime. Please install this software from Microsoft and then restart Lynx:

If Lynx is unable to find the correct Clipart folder, you should go into the Tools -> Options menu and clear the Clipart location. Restarting Lynx will cause it to perform another search for the Clipart.

On Windows:

Lynx is now available in the Microsoft Store, this will handle all updates for your computer. We recommend uninstalling Lynx and the Lynx Launcher and using the Windows Store for updates. Microsoft Store


The Cleverstore does not currently auto-update Apps. You will need to uninstall the Lynx App and then re-install via the Cleverstore. A future update will fix this issue.

Lynx stores a log file and crash reports within the users documents folder. These can help diagnose issues. Most of the time the problem is the antivirus software terminating the application. Lynx is testing to see if it has a network connection for the Web Search and registration and the antivirus kills the software.

Place an exclude folder within your antivirus software to ignore:

C:\Program Files\Lynx

If that does not help, open a support ticket and attach the log files found in:

Documents\My Lynx\logs

With Windows 7, Microsoft have stopped various aspects of their support for the platform. Therefore, it is required that the run-times are installed separately. The Lynx EXE installers will handle this task, however if you are using MSI and you do not want to use the EXE you will have to install the following software:

Microsoft Dot Net 4 Full runtime:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2019 (64 or 32bit depending on your operating system):

2019 - 32bit

2019 - 64bit

Microsoft DirectX 9:

Lynx has the ability to perform palm erase, sometimes the size of the device is not correctly calibrated to the user.

Within the Tools -> Options menu there is a 'Calibrate Screen' button, this will allow correct usage of touch.

For use of Lynx's Media Search, Handwriting recognition and Registration, Lynx will need to contact its API server. Network administrators should allow access to the following destinations:

The login process also uses WebSockets, please ensure your firewall allows those through: wss://


Firstly, please ensure you are running the latest version of Lynx, as older versions are known to have issues.

Secondly, this problem can be caused by a corrupted registry entry. If you close Lynx and then delete the following registry key, the display will reset to default:


Care should be taken when editing windows registry keys. Ask an IT professional to carry out the task if you are unsure.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Network requirements document, useful for IT administrators


  2. (Latvian) Lynx How To Guide


  3. Lynx Network Deployment Documentation

  4. Lynx 5 & 6 - How To Guide


  5. Lynx 6 icon guide


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