Cleverboard 4

Available in two sizes - 78" 16:10 and 87" 16:10, and including Sahara's CleverLynx software, the Cleverboard4 has all the functions and features required for an interactive classroom or meeting room. With dual optical technology and board designed for clear projection and easy writing the Cleverboard4 facilitates both finger and pen touch. Please note, we do not have driver software to support MAC OS 10.10, 10.11 or later. Also we do not have driver software to support Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please refer to the 'Cleverboard 4 Check List' available to download from the drivers and Downloads list on the right.

Access the Windows Features Control Panel and check that 'Tablet PC Components' is ticked.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. MAC Touch Driver for OS10.8 64bit

    Mac10.8Optical_Touchscreen_Driver_V13.0.4.0015(64Bit Only).zip

  2. MAC Touch driver for OS10.9 64bit

    IRTOUCH Driver ( for Mac10.9 64Bit only).zip

  3. Windows driver


  4. Cleverboard 4 check list

    Cleverboard 4 check list.pdf