Mobile Device Management (MDM)

What is it?

MDM is a system that allows for centralised control of all your Clevertouch screens no matter where you are in the world. MDM saves time for every IT department, as there’s no need to attend each screen to run diagnostics, complete setting changes, or upload new files or apps. You can also push key message notifications to each screen.

Why is it important?

As more technology is introduced into all environments, there is a need to be able to monitor all tech, update settings and assess any situation before going to the screen. The demand on time for the IT department will become ever more important and MDM is an important update to help reduce time at the screen.

Unlike other off-the-shelve systems, our MDM manufacturer Radix (a recognised world leader in MDM for Android devices) has designed a system that will not only shut down and wipe the screen but will also shut down the on-board Android system. This is a world’s first and exclusive to us and helps with securing the touchscreen.

Key facts:

  • Control hundreds of Clevertouch devices remotely
  • Create groups to make sure each screen has the most suitable apps and files for where it is used, such as C-Suite, Design Studios, Maths Class, Reception Class, corporate boardroom, huddle room, etc.
  • Install APKs (android apps), policies and files
  • Push messages directly to the Clevertouch display, ideal for security announcements
  • Anti-theft module – Lock, unlock and reset displays
  • Restart or shutdown multiple screens remotely by a single click
  • Shutdown down the onboard android system.
  • Wipe the screen

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Frequently Asked Questions


Navigate to the domain settings menu option

Set: Require users permission for remote control Yes/No

Now any time you start a remote control session, users will be prompt to confirm a remote session

A comprehensive step-by-step guide is available to download in the Drivers & Downloads tab.

A comprehensive step-by-step guide is available to download in the Drivers & Downloads tab.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Network requirements document, useful for IT administrators

    Clevertouch Network Requirements4.pdf

  2. Apply commands and operations on devices


  3. Install package directly from Google Play Store