Clevertouch S-Series

Frequently Asked Questions


Check USB cable is fitted correctly (at both ends). Check USB cable length is not over 5m. Bypass any USB wall plates connections for testing. Try a different USB lead. Ensure there is power to the screen and a picture is showing. Try a different PC. Check the IR frame is clean. Check nothing is blocking the IR frame. Ensure screen is not in direct sunlight.

Ensure the picture fills the screen, with no black borders or parts of the picture missing.

Check there is power to the screen. Check the power switch is in the on position. If the LED is red, use the remote control power button to turn on the screen. Check the source equipment, such as a laptop is outputting a picture signal correctly. Check the video cable connection between screen and PC. Check the video cable is inserted in the correct socket. Try a different video cable. Try a different PC. Bypass any wall plate connections for testing.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. MAC Sierra driver for XAT touch frame

    UPDD touch driver for MAC and XAT

  2. S-Series MAC touch driver SIERRA (Timelink)


  3. S-Series MAC touch driver YOSEMITE (Timelink)

    Touch Screen Setup For Mac [05_01_1474.timelink].dmg

  4. User guide

    Monitor User Guide-3 6 -20140507.pdf

  5. Multitouch Windows driver

    TouchWinSetup - [].exe

  6. Mac Driver

    XAT Touch Driver1.51_1.pkg