Clevershare 2nd Generation USB (1541052) 1541052

As per the previous Clevershare it still enables you to control the Clevertouch Plus and Clevertouch Pro screens from anywhere in the room, without the need for wires. Simply plug the Clevershare into your laptops USB port and you can show and edit your laptops contents on the Clevertouch screen. Now with more features, including Master Switch which helps the presenter to moderate who mirrors to their device to the Clevertouch!

Frequently Asked Questions


As of Jan 2020, the Clevershare 2nd generation USBs are no longer being manufactured.

In this case, there may be issues with it in the future that cannot be resolved by a replacement.

So as an alternative for using the USBs, you can use the wireless app instead, using the wireless receiver (white USB) of the Clevershare device.

Instructions for this will be found under this article.

One of the preferred methods used by businesses who use Clevershare USBs & application with guests, is to have the wireless used by the Clevershare USB be the main connection point to use the app.

For example, the white USB which is included with the Clevershare USBs is connected to the Android module. The Android module generates a wireless hotspot which can be used with the Clevershare USB via the pairing method.

This wireless network can also be accessed by anyone in the room, as long as they know the password for the SSID. This can then be shown on a piece of card in the meeting room the Clevertouch is situated (as an example).

This wireless hotspot is customisable, using the instructions below:

  1. Go to the settings app 
  2. Go to "More..." 
  3. Go to "Wireless hotspot" 

On some screens, the wireless hotspot will appear in the network section where "WiFi" and "Ethernet" can be found.

From here, the SSID is configurable, along with the password. We would recommend the GHz be changed to 2.4 to make sure that all devices can see the SSID being broadcast. You can also change the password.

The next step to do is to apply the settings, and then re-pair the Clevershare with the Clevertouch screen.

From here, the Clevershare should now connect using the new SSID and password. Then the guests can also connect to the same SSID to use the Clevershare app also.

We recommend that for every Clevertouch you set up in this way, that they have different SSIDs, so the Clevershare USBs, and the guests trying to connect to the screen can find the correct screen.

If you have issues with setting this up of this, we would highly recommend you log a case with the support team.

Due to some issues which may arise in the future, as the Clevershare 2 will become obsolete next to future products. There will be some question as to how you can still wirelessly present using the application.

The Application can work with the instructions given in the article labelled as "Clevershare Setup - Using the wireless hotspot" - but if you would rather your guests use your guest network, that's not an issue.

All that needs to happen is for the Clevertouch to be connected to that guest network.

But I have connected it to my guest network, it still doesn't connect. It says "Network Error" or "not connected to the same network"?

This can happen, and this is due to the firewall blocking the unusual ports which Clevershare uses. What you have to keep in mind is that a lot of routers and firewalls block ports which aren't usually used, such as the ports used for Clevershare.

We would highly recommend that the document linked here, is given to your network admin team to be configured on your network. All the Clevershare 2 ports are listed under the Clevershare 2nd Generation section.

If you have issues with the set up of this, we would highly recommend you log a case with the support team.


There are two things to consider: -

  1. Do you have the new Clevershare 2 receiver app installed on your Android Module? To check this please open the Clevershare app, then open Menu and About, you should have at least v1.0.3.1393 but preferably 1.0.5.x.

  2. With this new Clevershare 2G dongle it requires both the USB (black and white stick) receiver and the dongle to plugged into USB ports that the Android Module can see. Our recommendation is to plug the USB receiver into one of the Android Module (not mainboard as per the original Clevershare) USB ports and then plug the Clevershare dongle into any of the USB ports into the bezel of the Clevertouch.

Checking both of these points will ensure pairing commences.

When connecting the Clevershare USB to your PC, the software will encounter an error in which: your laptop's network card does not support the 5GHz frequency the Clevertouch is set up to use. To change the frequency, please use the instructions below:

  1. Open the "Settings" app on the Clevertouch

  2. Go to "Wireless Hotspot" under "Network"

  3. Press the "2.4GHz" option next to the highlighted "5GHz" button.

  4. Press "Save" at the bottom of this window

This will turn off the access point, which will automatically turn back on with the selected frequency enabled. After this, re-pair the Clevershare USBs and you should be able to screen share.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Network requirements document, useful for IT administrators

    Clevertouch Network Requirements April 2023.pdf

  2. Windows MSI to support Clevershare 2 dongle and software products