Clevertouch Plus 1541000 etc

Clevertouch Plus is the first generation of Clevertouch and comes with in-built Android OS 4.2.1. Optional slot in PC available. Incorporating a 6369 android chipset and Infrared touch frame. Serial numbers begin K55, K65 etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Check USB cable is fitted correctly (at both ends). Check USB cable length is not over 5m. Bypass any USB wall plates connections for testing. Try a different USB lead. Ensure there is power to the screen and a picture is showing. Try a different PC. Check the IR frame is clean. Check nothing is blocking the IR frame. Ensure screen is not in direct sunlight.

Ensure the picture fills the screen, with no black borders or parts of the picture missing.

Check there is power to the screen. Check the power switch is in the on position. Check the correct input is selected. Check the source equipment, such as a laptop is outputting a picture signal correctly. Check the video cable connection between screen and PC. Check the video cable is inserted in the correct socket. Try a different video cable. Try a different PC. Bypass any wall plate connections for testing.

The red button on the remote control locks and unlocks the front buttons. TIP: Please tap the red button QUICKLY to lock or unlock the buttons.

"Freeze" is the blue button on the remote control. When using this feature it is important to just give the button a quick tap. It toggles between on and off and a slow press of the button can often make the feature switch on and then off again. A quick tap works best.

You should use the TPLink wifi dongle to make use of the wifi connection for the Android system. This can normally be inserted into one of the Android USB sockets on the front bezel. But if wifi does not enable when it is inserted in these sockets please try the USB2 socket on the side of the screen, or the USB2 socket at the top of the screen. On the Android home screen select Apps, then select Settings. A wifi option should be shown in the list on the left. Select this and move the slider to ON to activate wifi. Adjust details and settings as necessary.

Open an picture in the image viewer in the Android system, then select the settings button (small gear wheel), there will be an option to set image as background.

Yes, the Clevershare can be used with a Clevertouch Plus.

This is often caused by a stuck bezel button. Please check that each button is functioning correctly. Does it depress and then release correctly.


Within your settings you can change input source, volume, brightness and moreā€¦

Please download and install the Windows Touch Driver to enable full interaction with Smart Notebook.

Do you have a Cleverstore app button either on the Android home page or on the Apps page? If not please raise a New Support Case. If you have a Cleverstore button but it does not connect correctly please check the date and time are correct in the Android system settings. Also please check that the following URLs are permitted through your network: The app connects to our servers over port 443 (standard https) and port 80 (http).

A setting change must be made within the android browser to enable playback of video in Youtube. Within the browser open the settings menu by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner. In the menu select Settings, then select Advanced. Now in the list on the right tap on Set User Agent. Change the setting for this to 'android 2.3 user agent'. Now close the browser and reopen it for changes to take effect. Videos should now play in Youtube.

It is important to launch the Eshare app at least once with an internet connection as Airplay uses the resources of Eshare to function. And Eshare needs to contact its servers online to register itself. This is an automatic process that happens when you launch Eshare. You can then close Eshare and Airplay should then work OK. If Eshare fails to start correctly please check that it is not being blocked by your network firewall. Eshare uses the following connection: The port used for activation is:8001 Eshare

Please refer to the guide in the download section named 'Guide to re-enable android browser controls'.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Enable gesture control for Apple macOS & OS X

  2. MAC OS Sierra: UPDD_No Area


  3. Guide to re-enable android browser controls

    How to restore the standard controls at the top of the android browser.pdf

  4. AirPlay Service Update for iOS 10.2 compatibility

  5. MAC Yosemite & El Capitan touch driver


  6. IR Control Codes

    IR codes.pdf

  7. Clevertouch Plus Quick Start Guide

    Clevertouch QSG.pdf

  8. RS232 codes for Clevertouch Plus

    RS232 code for Clevertouch Plus.pdf

  9. Clevertouch Plus user guide

    Manual_with freeze and button lock.pdf

  10. Windows touch driver